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Video | GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition |
Stills | Ricoh GR II |
Stabilizer | FeiYu Tech G4S |

Carabiner Mount | Parts
Manfrotto Nano Clamp |
RAM Mounts double socket |
RAM Mounts 1” ball |
RAM Mounts 1” Tough-Ball | 


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing!!
    I already had the Feiyu stabalizer and GoPro so I also purchased the RAM mount and Clamp.
    One question, the carabiner is a bit too thin for the clamp. I think I saw in your video that you added some plastic around the clamp. (guessing it's to make the clamp firmly attached to the carabiner) could you comment on that plastic thingy you added? no such thing came with the Manfrotto clamp I ordered...

    1. And I should have mentioned that in the first place: Big congrats on the videos!! Really really inspiring...
      (From a french pilot living in Japan)

    2. Hi Thomas! Thank-you for your support. I wrap the jaws of the clamp with silicone rubber self fusing tape:


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